My music had roots which I’d dug up from my own childhood, musical roots buried in the darkest soil.
Ray Charles

As the daughter, of a well known musician, Rich Pulin, Brooke has had the advantage of developing under his tutelage and eclipsing most of the vocal talent in the world today.  Because the Pulin family has always been in professional music, Brooke started singing at an early age.  She made her studio vocal debut in 2000 at the age of 14.  She has not only performed regularly, with her dad, Rich Pulin’s band over the years, but also with Los Angeles studio icons, Gary Grant, Wally Minko, Chuck Berghofer, Dan Higgins, Mike Price, Kendall Kay, Ron Feuer, Joey Melotti, Doug Webb, Bob McChesney, Paul Tavenar and Terry Plumeri. 


Brooke graduation FSU.jpg

Brooke received her Bachelor of Music degree, Magna Cum Laude, 2009 from the University of South Florida and is also the recipient of a Master of Music degree, Summa Cum Laude from Florida State University in 2013.  As a vocalist, Brooke exhibits extraordinary qualities.  For example, her normal chest voice range allows her to sing several octaves with no break.  Another outstanding feature of Brooke’s talent stems from the fact that as a child, growing up, she was exposed to all styles of good music.  ‘The sponges’ that children are, Brooke absorbed all of these different musical nuiances and consequently she sings it all. 


Grandpa Rich Pulin and Jovanny on their way to Herb Alpert's "Vibrato" jazz restaurant in Los Angeles to see Arturo Sandoval and his big band!

Jovanny age 7

Jovanny age 7

In December, 2008 grandson Jovanny at age 5 accomplished an almost impossible feat.  In that two year period with no previous musical training, Jovanny with grandpa, Rich Pulin’s help, recorded four very difficult songs.  His performances were so good, that Rich and Kristin (grandpa and grandma) decided to shoot videos of all of them and are on display on our YouTube channel 247 hdjazz.

In addition to the four videos, Jovanny recorded a song the Children’s Prayer, as well as, a new age song “Open Portal” that he sings with Grandma Kristin.  The Children’s Prayer was a collaborative writing effort that included Jovanny and grandpa Rich. 

Quite an accomplishment in only two years.  




Kristin Brey McKnight-Pulin is a multi-faceted artist who joined forces with Rich Pulin in 2003. Together they have written over 50 musical compositions, screenplays and books.  One of Rich’s stories, “Hippo D Hop” will be released as a children’s book in 2015.  Ms. McKnight-Pulin is a vocalist, with a cd “Here I Am Again” she has also participated in numerous recordings that are featured on some of the other Pulin cds.  Several of these songs placed in the finals of the 2005 UK Song Festival. 

Kristin is the newest representative of a family steeped in musical tradition and art.  The Brey clan goes back over 200 years in American musical history.  Her grandmother, Carrie, sang, played and taught several string and woodwind instruments, as well as, piano.  Carrie’s younger sister, Elizabeth, was a child prodigy on the cello, and played at the Philadelphia Music Academy at the age of 12.   Kristin’s late brother Bobby, an Artist, started painting at the age of 7.  Before his passing at 18, he painted several replicas of the Masters (Rembrandt, Durer, Turner) some of his work can been seen in the photos section of website. Below is an original piece her brother painted at 16.  

In 2012, Kristin and Rich were on assignment in Panama, because of their love for animals, they also helped the abused and abandoned animals in the area.  Although Panama does not euthanize the stray dogs and cats, they are left out on the streets and rely on people to feed them. 

Kristin also has an artistic side and has been making decorative instrumental gourds, as well as, decor gourds for the home, which she sells on her Etsy page -

Husband, Rich Pulin has had a lifelong relationship with early childhood music education and Kristin wholeheartedly and passionately supports his brain-child.  

Original oil painting by Kristin's brother, Robert "Bobby" Brey McKnight, Jr.

Original oil painting by Kristin's brother, Robert "Bobby" Brey McKnight, Jr.