Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.
— Plato


        Our foundation, The Early Childhood Music Education Foundation (TECMEF) has outlined a brief description of our educational activities and programs.for students in K-12. Please feel free to pass this information to those individuals in the early childhood sector.  The ultimate goal of the program is to introduce young American children to a form of art that is probably the single most American entity created in our 300 year existence, Jazz!  Sadly, today if you ask a child who Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington is, they will answer with a blank stare!  This is a shame!

      So, the first phase of early-childhood jazz education, will see, Rich Pulin, personally, dispatched to as many schools, centers of jazz education and popular community locations as he can reach.  Rich possess a file of over 20,000 historical jazz videos to call upon, and he utilizes them to introduce the children to the many pioneers of jazz! Proudly, over the span of his career, Rich fulfilled a personal goal of working with several of his childhood heroes! 

A typical Jazz history, Louis Armstrong orientation presentation at a Las Vegas school with founder, Rich Pulin in 2016 

A typical Jazz history, Louis Armstrong orientation presentation at a Las Vegas school with founder, Rich Pulin in 2016 

Music Teacher Brett A. Barnes and Rich Pulin presenting Jazz History featuring Louis Armstrong

Music Teacher Brett A. Barnes and Rich Pulin presenting Jazz History featuring Louis Armstrong


      History states that Men like Buddy Bolden, King Oliver and Louis Armstrong were the first important musician-figureheads in the then embryonic art form called jazz and the city that they created this new music in was New Orleans.  New Orleans, was where arguably the first notes of jazz (in the form of blues) were heard from the slaves.  They expressed their plight through this medium, thousands of miles away from home, with no apparent solution in sight, so therefore, the blues!

     Rich Pulin practically lived and worked his entire life as a jazz musician, including over 50 years as a well-known trombone soloist, and studio musician, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer are titles that were acquired along the long and happy voyage of his career and life.  Writing music and educating children are the two most important factors in Rich’s life!

      As stated earlier, Rich attributes a BIG part of his success to receiving mentoring from the well-known music giants of his childhood that he was blessed to have come in contact with!  Men like Willie 'The Lion' Smith, Bob Haggart, Yank Lawson, Miff Mole, Jack Teagarden, Coleman Hawkins, and many others! Rich lived and grew up in a very advantageous time and place!  New York of the 1950's!  Musicians like the ones that are just mentioned were very accessible then, and eager to help a youngster just starting out!

     Please understand that American children, at this time, are musically challenged through a lack of decent music! The story of jazz MUST be known!  It’s imperative! It’s something for Americans to be proud of!  The kids of today, almost without fail, are mainly hearing rap, hip-hop, and other foundation- less music.  School music programs, for a large part, have been dis-continued and continue to be shut down!  Children are unaware of the TREASURE that JAZZ, our main cultural contribution to American society, has been through the years!  Because of its lack of understanding, jazz has been suppressed practically to the point of extinction!  It is a bonafide 'endangered species', as are musically illiterate children! 

     Let’s work together, if for no other reason, then the sake of the CHILDREN, and this 'almost-forgotten' art-form, JAZZ!

     Rich Pulin in his 7th decade of professional music, has committed to full-time involvement in an 'early-childhood (K-12) jazz-education program which he has devised and developed and is ready for implementation with schools in the United States and internationally!  He has accepted the responsibility of sharing our great American native-bred art-form, jazz, with millions of children around the globe through a unique, engaging, enlightening and esteem-building program, specifically designed with the young student in mind.  Rich is seeking other academically-minded people to join forces with him, as the TASK of educating a generation of students, and eventually raising the standard of popular music in general, and jazz specifically, IS a BIG one!


Every Saturday, we broadcast LIVE from Las Vegas at 12 noon Pacific on "",, a jazz radio show in support of our foundation The Early Childhood Music Education Foundation.  The broadcast is aired internationally in 196 countries. 

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The Early Childhood Music Education (TECMEF) was founded to bring awareness to the fact that less than 5% of all schools in the United States offer music education.  TECMEF provides an assortment of unique music clinics to the schools.  Among the seminars offered are video jazz history presentation, both classical and jazz theory, improvisation, songwriting, arranging, orchestrating, production techniques and life in the overall music industry. 

We are seeking to promote artists on the show, and also interested in sponsorship and donations to enable us to mentor students in the history of jazz, its origin, the musicians who pioneered the music, and the sound of jazz!

Please consider becoming a listener, sponsor, a musician-participant, and/or all of the above!

To hear our music, please visit:

(Our Music Website, Containing 60 multi-genre, fully-produced, songs and compositions, 30 Videos, and Photos.

 Also, please watch four short videos of my grandson Jovanny, who between the age of 5-7 was receptive to Grandpa teaching him four very difficult songs (I never told him that they were hard) that Grandpa wrote for him.  I contend that Jovanny is not THAT unique and talented, only blessed with a grandfather who's a musician and willing to invest time and creativity to teach a 5-year-old how to sing and perform with no prior musical knowledge. I believe that there are thousands of Jovanny's out there waiting for their own Grandpa Rich' to discover! 

 Here are the four songs that I taught grandson Jovanny between the age of 5-7.

 1. "I Love My Mommy", recorded 03-09,   v=CsxW1vZJ_jQ; 2. "Natalie I Love You" (A True Story) recorded 06-09 "I'm Feeling Old" recorded  09-09-09 "The Boy Can Dance" recorded 12-09 -  Bonus..."The Making Of The Boy Can Dance"